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The Academic Senate is represented by all full-time and part-time members of the De Anza faculty and Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees in promoting the quality of community college education. This site provides information about the decisions of committee, current members of the Senate, and developing academic and professional potential.

The Academic Senate includes all faculty members. Division senators and officers comprise the Executive Committee, which meets Mondays 2:30-4:30 p.m. in Adm 109.

Senate Officers' Office Hours, ADM 117:

Academic Senate Newsletter

Meeting Notes and Agendas

Agendas - Details the participants and responsibilities of Senate members for upcoming and past meetings.

Meeting Notes - Details summaries of discussions in past meetings. Approved resolutions are noted next to the meeting link they occurred in.

Needs & Confirmations-Updated 10/18/2019

FAQ from Public Comment Agenda Item - 6/3/2019

General Education Proposals Approved

The periodic review of General Education has been concluded and has resulted in the approval of a new Philosophy of General Education statement, new Criteria for General Education Course qualifying, and a new Environmental Sustainability and Global Citizenship general education requirement. The work of implementation has now been taken over by a new ad hoc committee. See an Academic Senate officer for details.

Primary duties of the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate's purpose is to solidify standards regarding admission, curriculum, degrees, and faculty responsibilities to improve De Anza.

The Board of Trustees relies primarily on the Academic Senate to develop curriculum, including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines. The Senate sets:

  • Degree and certificate, general education and program specific requirements
  • Grading policies
  • Standards regarding student preparation and success
  • Policies for faculty professional development activities 

Jointly shared duties of the Academic Senate

The Board of Trustees relies jointly on the Academic Senate for development of:

  • Degree and certificate requirements, including units required for completion
  • Educational program development
  • Governance structures as related to faculty roles
  • Faculty involvement in accreditation
  • Policies for program review
  • Processes for institutional planning and budget development
  • Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon between the board and the Academic Senate

Faculty Hiring

Faculty Search Committee Selection Process- Explains the selection process for serving on faculty hiring committees at De Anza College and the role of the Academic Senate in this process.


Academic Senate
Email:Karen Chow

Office Location: Adm 117
Phone: 408.864.8358


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