Congratulations to Our Graduates!


2020 EOPS/CARE Graduation and Transfer Statistics

Transfer Students: 94

University Of California: 35
UC Number of Students
UC Berkeley 3
UC Davis 12
UC Irvine 2
UC Los Angeles 6
UC Riverside 1
UC San Diego 5
UC Santa Barbara 3
UC Santa Cruz 3
Manuel Alonzo Barrios
UC Santa Cruz Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award Recipient: Manuel Alonzo Barrios

California State University: 58
CSU Number of Students
CSU East Bay 3
CSU Long Beach 1
San Francisco State University 3
San Jose State University 51

Private/Out of State Institutions: 2
CSU Number of Students
University of Arizone 1
University of Portland 1

Associate Degree Recipients: 103 

Honors: 46

Honors Number of Recipients
Summa Cum Laude 6
Magna Cum Laude 28
Cum Laude 12 

EOPS Students Offer 6 Words of Wisdom and Testimonials

6 Words of Wisdon and Inspiration

Sabrina S.

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Psychology major 

"Amazing experience, so much love & support!"

Raymond S.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Business Administration major

"Every choice you make makes you."

Viviane P.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Social Work major

“Fun, Helpful, Caring, Supportive, Connection, Knowledgeable” 

Loan N.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Digital Media Art major

“Helpful, caring, supportive, friendly, understanding and encouraging.”

Yue L.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Business Administration major

“Friendly, Meaningful, Helpful, Caring, Supportive, Responsible.”

Fennie H.

  • Transferred to University of California, Los Angeles
  • Physiological Sciences major

“Academic, emotional, and financial support/encouragement.”

Negin K.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Business Administration major

“Meaningful, Fun, Helpful, Caring, Supportive, Connection."

Rachel C.

  • Transferred to University of California, Los Angeles
  • Sociology major

"impactful, informational, supportive, transformative, helpful, meaningful"

Halina L.

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Business Administration major

"Cultivating, Indispensable, Warmth, Growth, Equity, Gratitude" 

Lizette P.

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Animal Science major

"Motivating, Caring, Friendly, Accessible, Kind, Uplifting."

Kim N.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Pre-Nursing major

"Supportive, Helpful, Cooperative, Friendly, Caring, Profitable"

Minh C.

  • Transferred to University of California, Los Angeles
  • Biology major

"Helpful, Supportive, Communicative, Friendly, Kind, and Passionate"

Bethelihem G.

  • Transferred to University of California, San Diego
  • Public Health major

"Helpful, magnificent, caring, supportive, friendly and skillful"

Stephanie H.

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Communication Studies major

"Helpful, Supportive, Nice, Knowledge, Motivational, inspiring"

Johnny F.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Business Administration major

"Supportive, opportunity, caring, intriguing, interesting, unique."

Student Testimonials

Manuel Alonzo Barrios

  • Transferred to University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Biology major 

The pursuit of education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds sometimes requires a little bit of help. As a first-generation high school student, I struggled to find resources to apply to community colleges and 4-year universities, propelling me to learn to navigate the process myself. Thankfully, during a visit to De Anza College, I came across a flyer describing the support and resources of a program called Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS).

Halina L.

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Business Administration major 

I first heard about EOPS from a friend who raved about how helpful it had been for him, and encouraged me to apply. As I learned about the details of the program, which included many diverse services all intended to help EOPS students succeed (and minimize the friction that many students feel impedes their success in the education system), I realized that I wanted to join this community as well.

In EOPS, there were many key services such as the priority registration, academic planning sessions, and book funds that were indispensable for me in both guiding my overarching goal of transferring as well as making classes easier by having the flexibility to choose classes that fit my schedule and not having to stress over how I would afford my textbooks. In addition to these major benefits, EOPS also aided me and made my day-to-day life at school easier. When I'd rush to school in a hurry and later realize that I'd forgot to bring a paper copy of my essay, I didn't need to wait in line to pay at the library printers- EOPS had my back. When I had to rush to a test, I'd quickly drop by EOPS to pick up a scantron.

Overall EOPS has been invaluable to my success as a transfer student. Through these services and many more, it's allowed me and students like me to direct our energy towards succeeding in the classroom, rather than having to worry about class logistics or financial pressures in addition to excelling in class. I know I'll forever be grateful for the opportunities and doors that EOPS has opened to me, and I hope to see plenty of future students experience the same unwavering support that I'll never forget.

Lynn V. 

  • Transferred to San José State University 
  • Psychology major

Having signed up for EOPS was one of the greatest decisions I could have made for my education. As a first generation college student I didn’t have a lot of people to ask for advice on helping plan my educational path. The advice from EOPS counselors really helped guide me through it. Their financial help was incredibly appreciated as well! The book funds they provided me with took that financial stress off of me and my family. Their grant helped me and my family through some tough times, especially during this pandemic. Overall, I would recommend any student who is eligible to apply to be in the EOPS program to do so as their help was invaluable.

Safa R.

  • Transferred to University of California, Los Angeles
  • Psychobiology major

As a first generation student, I had expected to struggle navigating my way around the college education system. While there were times when I was having difficulty figuring out my major, my career path, and ultimately who I want to become, I did not have to go through this process alone thanks to EOPS. The counselors at EOPS have been a strong helping hand to students, especially first generation students who have had little exposure to college prior, so they can build the path they want to walk. For that, I am deeply grateful to have been part of such an uplifting and beautiful program. My goal is to become a physician once I complete my education and EOPS has helped me move one step closer to this goal. Thank you.

Sabrina S. 

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Psychology major

I LOVED MY TIME AT EOPS! I interacted with so many counselors and other EOPS staff who have guided me throughout my journey at De Anza. They provided me with a community, and an unbelievable amount of resources, such as a calculator, scantrons, FREE PRINTING SERVICES, academic advising, priority registration, and so many more. Being a STEM major, having priority registration was EXTREMELY important to me and helped me pick the best teachers and times for myself! I also want to thank every member of EOPS for making my transition into and now, out of, De Anza so smooth and easy. I would not be able to thrive as well anywhere else without EOPS. Being part of the Scholars program was also such a privilege that I will always be grateful for. I think the support and services I received from EOPS probably contributed the MOST to my success at transferring. After I complete my education, I plan to work in some area of a clinic or hospital and apply for PA School - but this wouldn't have been made possible without De Anza EOPS. Thank you all so much for an amazing time and experience!

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